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What we learnt at Earth Hour

On Thursday 10th March we went to the WWF for an Earth Hour workshop. We watched a short clip telling us all about climate change. Here is some information we learnt from the video:

  • Ice is melting and flowing into the ocean causing rising sea levels.
  • People are cutting down too many trees and this is disturbing natural habitats.
  • Rivers are getting polluted and over fished.

We went to the zones to find out more facts about the different habitats (freshwater, oceans, wildlife and jungle). We had fun completing the quiz using the interactive iPads. Next, we learnt more about earth hour and had a go at making our own lanterns, recycling the bottom of a milk carton. We wrote promises on a lantern template and stuck them on Boris the panda! Our promises were:

  • To save more electricity
  • To help the animals without a home
  • To save the animals
  • To try and stop climate change
  • To turn off the lights
  • To turn off the taps

We loved visiting the WWF and learnt lots about Earth Hour. We are celebrating Earth Hour at school on Friday 18th March from 2pm-3pm. All classes will be switching off their electricity!

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