Paddington Green Primary School

We’ve been inspired by our Earth Hour Celebration

Our whole school celebrated Earth Hour and each class thoroughly enjoyed creating ‘For the love of….’ bunting which we proudly hung up in our classrooms.

The bunting, all 350 pieces, has now been sent off to WWF and we hope that our love for nature will create a positive impact when displayed in June.

Year 3 Tiger-Eye were especially inspired by their Earth Hour celebration and have since nominated Earth Monitors to their class – children, from 3TE, who ensure that energy is not wasted in their classroom each day and remind their peers to turn lights and computers off when not in use :)

Contributor: Sophia Ioannou

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Thanks for posting your story on School Zone Paddington Green Primary – and a huge well done on creating so much fabulous bunting. It certainly sounds that you had a brilliant Earth Hour. Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading more of your great work in school.


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