Ysgol San Sior

Our Traffic Report

On the 25th of March 2015 years 4,5 and 6 school councillors went outside the school with Mrs Fiona Roberts and PCSO Chris Perkins to measure the speed of cars traveling past school and Glodaeth Avenue.

First of all we got told health and safety rules which were: Don’t aim the laser speed gun at people’s eyes because even though it can’t blind it can cause discomfort. We were also told that the kit costs £2000. Then we practised aiming at motionless cars number plates. Following this we walked down to Glodaeth Avenue and started to measure moving cars. I went first on my first go all I got was errors! After that Charlie M went who was really good at it. Then it was Oscar then Megan, Theo and finally Mia O. The highest speed we caught was 37mph by PCSO Chris the lowest we got was 1mph! (Nice one Fiona.)

Then we walked back to school had a snack and got back to our lessons.

Contributor: Kian Ames

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