Ysgol San Sior

San Sior Eco Open Day

On Friday afternoon spring was here and our pond and apairy are alive with wildlife. The bluebells have popped up just in time. Mr Jones and the children opened the school grounds to the community. It gave parents, grandparents and neighbours the opportunity to see the school projects, gardens and the apairy.

Cream teas, eggs, chutney, and the school newspaper were all available at the back of the hall. The pupils guided visitors around the outdoor environment explaining with great enthusiasm how the projects work throughout the school. Up in the Butterfly Garden pupils gave talks on pond dipping and showed some of the wildlife living in the pond. There was lots of tadpoles and palmate newts. The pupils also talked about the bees and how important they are to the environment and gave facts such as if we were to move the hives 16 inches over to the left the bees wouldnt be able to find there way back to there hive; they would be lost. In the shed Abbie was showing the new chicks to visitors while the hens looked on from the big coop.

Kian explained how we had made the compost and its now being used on the gardens. The Golden Pheasants showed off whistling across the playground while chasing the females.
It was a rewarding afternoon as visitors left they signed our visitors book and the feedback was so positive. The children are very proud of their school.

Da Iawn pawb – Well down pupils.

Contributor: Fiona Roberts

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