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Our Water Posters – Saving Water!

Last term we made posters about saving water. This term we are going to put them up around the school and encourage others to think about how much water they use and how they can save it.

We did an assembly about who our Green Ambassadors team are and what we have done so far. We spoke about different ways to save water. We were telling people about the different characters of the Green Ambassador group so our friends know more about us! We searched facts about water on the computers in the ICT suite. We used these facts on our posters to help us have inspiration. Here are some facts:

  • Only 3% of water in the world is fresh.
  • As our population grows more and more people are sharing this limited resource.
  • If you leave the tap on when you brush your teeth it wastes over 6 litres of water per minute.

See pictures of our water posters below…

Contributor: Miss Mathis



Liz Rossall

Fantastic posters Sythwood! Great way to help others save water. Keep up the good work.


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