Ysgol San Sior

Our Eco Open Day

On Friday 1st May Ysgol San Sior had their first open day ever! The parents chose to have the open day so pupils took visitors around the school to them the chicken and pheasant coupes, the butterfly garden which has a pond and two bee hives. The pupils in up there were pond dipping in the pond there are all different animals like newts, Rams horn snails, frogs, normal snails & next to the pond there is a wooden barrel with tadpoles in it.

In the gardens many parents did not know we had got bees since Monday and they live at the back of the gardens and Lewis and Lucas told parents facts about the bees.

We are planting plants so that the bees can collect nectar and pollen so they can make for us to eat and sell. In the hall there were refreshments (orange juice, tea, coffee.) food (carrot and ginger cake with or without icing, scons and victoria sponge.)

Contributor: Kian Ames, Kieran Weir and Finlay Perryman

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