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Earth Hour Summit

On the 27th March we finally held our own Earth Hour summit at Wicor. Over 100 of us had pledged to give up chocolate to highlight the greed of human upon the Earth’s finite resources. All classes had learnt in class various aspects related to chocolate from cool facts to the process of chocolate making, the deforestation associated with chocolate and fairtrade, and this learning was shared with the whole school at our Summit. We even had a fabulous rap written and performed by the Y2 children.

Lots of parents and wider members of our pupils families joined us in our pledges too. Comments about why they were joining us ranged widely from ‘To do our bit’ to ‘Thank you for helping our children understand a global human issue in a way that they understand, and can see that they do make a difference in their choices’.

Staff made their contribution too sharing a chart which tracked how successful they had been with their abstinence and performed a small play about why they had given it up, and why – just because they had completed a month without chocolate and that they had reached their target end date – they were not now going to go back to their previous eating habits.

And that final message was important. Now we have highlighted the problem of humans greed upon the Earth’s resources how will we change what we do from now on. Will we think a little harder about what we need and what we want? That is something as a Green Ambassador school we will continue to work on with our children.

Contributor: Alison Nash

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Liz Rossall

Wow , fantastic effort Wicor. It is amazing to think and find out about the journey of a chocolate bar. We would love to hear the rap! Keep up the amazing work.


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