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Our new bug hotel

Year 5 gave up their Saturday to make a bug hotel. Armed with gloves, loppers and an assortment of bricks, leaves, sticks, seed heads, moss and other stuff that we had collected around the school we made a start on our hotel. Mrs Barron brought in six pallets.

The first layer we stuffed with hay and leaves, we hope that some hedgehogs might come and hibernate there. In the other layers we put in rooms of sticks, slates, bricks, moss and other things that we had found to attract insects. Our hotel already had some guests as the logs had woodlice on them and slugs. Danielle didn’t like them at all. It was made to look pretty by adding pots with ivy and berries and seeds.

We put a bird bath on the top to attract the birds and we brought a bird feeder full of seeds to feed the birds. I got into trouble for using the loppers on a bush !

Contributor: Patsy Barron

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Justin @ WWF

Welcome to School Zone Yarlet School and what a fabulous story. It sounds like you made a brilliant bug house and well done for giving up your weekend to do it. I am sure the many bugs and hedgehogs will find it a wonderful home for the winter. I look forward to reading more updates from the Yarlet Green Team, and I wonder if you might be able to upload a picture of your wonderful new bug hotel next time around? Keep up the great work!


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